A master of the bluegrass fiddle.

A master of bluegrass fiddle, Gordie “Crazy Legs” MacKeeman is an old hand at country, rockabilly and bluegrass styles. MacKeeman’s newest album Dreamland (reviewed next issue), sees more musical exploration than ever before, featuring astonishing versatility from his Rhythm Boys. Peter Cann plays acoustic and electric guitars, banjo and sings, Jason Burbine plays drum kit, bass guitar, guitar and sings while Thomas Webb plays double bass, guitar, steel guitar and (again) sings. This allows MacKeeman time to shine on the violin and do some dancing about, in keeping with his well-earned nickname.
Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys always give a raucous live performance. Covers of timeless country tunes are interspersed with originals; each is treated to the stunning musicianship and hearty feel of these pros.