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There’s no other band out around like Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys.

Led by fiddling wiz Gordie “Crazy Legs” MacKeeman, the roots quartet features all-star pickers and singers, with everything from down-home country to reckless rockabilly to intricate bluegrass. Now the boys are back in town with their fourth and latest release, Dreamland.

The band spent the past year exciting crowds all over the world, from Denmark’s Tonder Festival and the U.K.’s Cambridge Folk Festival, to Merlefest in North Carolina and the Port Fairy Folk Festival in Australia. Crowds love them everywhere they go, thanks to Gordie’s charm and flying fiddle and feet and their unique blend of just about every roots genre going. They love it all, old and new, and put on a variety show that has the fans dancing, laughing and singing along.

Along the way, they have collected a mantle full of awards and recognitions, with a grand total of 12 Music PEI Awards and East Coast Music Awards for their albums, Laugh, Dance & Sing (2015), Pickin’ n Clickin’ (2013) and the self-titled debut (2011).

Dreamland is a big step forward for the group, as it features the greatest number of vocal tracks they’ve ever featured on an album. That highlights the development of the quartet, with all four members writing and singing their own material, and bringing their own strengths to the table. From the Cajun rocker “Sittin’ In A Bar” to classic country sounds in “Strength In Numbers” to the beautiful lullaby of the title track, the group is showing their writing skills match their playing talents. It’s a versatile, wide-ranging showcase that mirrors the live show, with four singers and multi-instrumentalists.

The members are all musical Swiss Army knives, able to pull out whatever instrument or style is needed. Peter Cann handles acoustic and electric guitars, banjo and vocals, Thomas Webb can be found on stand-up bass, guitar, banjo, steel guitar and vocals, Jason Burbine moves between drums, bass, guitar and singing, and while Gordie is mainly on fiddle, he’ll grab the guitar, sit behind the drum kit and sing lots too. The result is an eclectic signature sound that draws upon bluegrass, old time country, folk, rockabilly, swing, Celtic, and other styles in genre-defying fashion.

On Dreamland the band wanted to capture all that versatility, and went off in search of a producer who had extensive experience working with lots of styles. They found him in Mississippi native Robert S. Field, best known for his work with Justin Townes Earle, Steve Earle, and Tim O’Brien. “It’s nice to work with someone who gets the sound,” says MacKeeman. “It has bluegrass elements, it has rockabilly elements, it has old-time elements, but to us it’s all the same thing. That’s why we wanted someone who understands rockabilly base as well as old-time fiddle and accordions.”

In addition to songs written and sung by each member, there’s room for some great cover tunes. There’s a fiddle and banjo-fired version of the old ’60’s hit by The Hollies, “Stop Stop Stop,” and beloved P.E.I. songwriter Gene MacLellan’s “Just Want To Be Loved By You.” And the biggest surprise is a mysterious number that turns out to be “Run With Us,” the theme song from the ’80’s Canadian cartoon classic, The Raccoons. “The original is very 80’s pop,” says MacKeeman. “But we do it so different, it’s been great, it’s fun seeing people get that eureka moment when they realize what it is. It usually doesn’t take very long.”



Dreamland is an album that moves from highlight to highlight, showcasing everything the band has to offer. There’s no filler here, it’s packed with their very best songs and very best styles. “I’m one of those people that has to enjoy everything on an album, and that’s what we were shooting for, an album that holds people until the end,” says MacKeeman. “And we always like albums to be a souvenir of our live show. To bring people back to that feeling they got seeing us live.”

That feeling? The playing, the singing, the music, and those crazy legs? Feel the fun, with Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys.

“A fiddle fuelled, frenzied hootin’, tootin’, pickin’ and clickin’ old-time, that’s what. Sound like a mouthful? Exactly.” – Scenestr


Awards & Achievements


East Coast Music Award Entertainer of the Year Nomination
East Coast Music Award Roots Traditional Recording of the Year Nomination (Laugh, Dance & Sing)
Music PEI Touring Artist of the Year Nomination


Winner Music PEI Award for Entertainer of the Year
Winner Music PEI Award Album of the Year (Laugh, Dance & Sing)
Winner Music PEI Group Recording of the Year
Winner Music PEI Award Roots Traditional Recording of the Year


Winner Music PEI Award for Entertainer of the Year
Winner Music PEI Award for Touring Artists of the Year
Music PEI Album of the Year Nomination (Pickin’ n Clickin’)


Winner East Coast Music Award for Roots Traditional Group Recording of the Year (Pickin’ n Clickin’)
Winner Music PEI Award Roots Traditional Recording of the Year


Music PEI Showcase Artist of the Year

Winner Ottawa Folk Festival Galaxie Supernova Award Best Live Group


Winner Music PEI Award Roots Traditional Recording of the Year
Winner Music PEI Award Instrumental Recording of the Year
Music PEI Showcase Artist of the Year

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  • Laugh, Dance and Sing, the new album Canadian four-piece Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys defies all labels. Each track stands alone with its own style and influences from the rockabilly of Song To a Young Seagull to the distinctly Celtic feel of Dusty Derby and the dreamy 1960’s folk vibe of Cavan Road. This makes the record as a whole an enjoyable listen. This wide mix of styles showcases the bands talents with a range of instruments including guitars, banjos, a mandolin, cello and even an accordion all played with energy and skill. However it is the beautiful fiddle playing of MacKeeman which really pulls this collection of songs together into a cohesive whole. Overall a great album to Laugh, Dance & Sing along to!.”

    Maverick Magazine, UK
  • “Sometimes an album covers says it all, and this one has good time written all over it. Gordie and his three accomplices, come not from Prince Edward Island; it gets cold up there which explains why the stuff this band come up with burns from start to finish. ‘Song To a Young Seagull’ is an unexpectedly jumping slice of rockabilly, ‘Cavan Road’ a strum along pop song, while Back 40 Ripoff’ careers along at warp speed, a show piece for Peter Cann’s Chet Atkins picking. So, push back the chairs and break out the Jack Daniels. These guys take no prisoners.””

    Acoustic Magazine, UK
  • “THE HIGHLY UNOFFICIAL TOP 10 MOST POPULAR FESTIVAL ACTS…with great pride and exhaustion I give you the Top 10 Festival Acts of 2015 – #2 Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys.”

    Colin Irwin, Spiral Earth, UK
  • “If this album’s title is intended to be an instruction, then it is a superfluous one. From the opening notes to the closing chord of Laugh, Dance & Sing I’m grinning involuntarily, my feet are tapping instinctively and I’m soon singing along as I drift away on a warm wave of infectious rhythms.”

    Ian Taylor, www.folkradio.co.uk
  • “From the beginning bars of ‘Ridin The Fiddle’ you know what you’re in for. This blistering fiddle tune is a mighty fine opening statement and whets my appetite for whites to follow. Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys are renowned for their high-quality musicianship and astounding stagecraft and have been wowing audiences around the world. And this album of mostly original songs will only further cement their growing reputation.”

    Fatea Records, UK
  • “It is not often you will get to see a musician dance while
    playing the violin – easily the queen of musical instruments and one of the toughest to master. But Canadian fiddler Gordie MacKeeman not only dances expertly with his stringed piece but also gets you on your feet dancing to his tunes. A high-octane performance that is heavy on energy from start to finish, Gordie’s trademark is his ‘crazy legs’ style of dancing while playing the violin.”

    The Hindu Times, India
  • “It is their live shows which have cemented their reputation as one of the most dynamic and engaging acts to come out of the East Coast in the past few years. These guys were all solid players to begin with, but touring as relentlessly as they have over the last couple of years, playing everything from small concert halls to major European festivals, has sharpened the band to a fine edge. There is serious chemistry between MacKeeman, Webb, Cann and Geddes, the kind that only comes from living out of each other’s suitcase for extended periods of time. “Laugh, Dance & Sing” is now one of my favourite feel-good records. I suspect when award season rolls around it will be in the running. It deserves to be.”

    Doug Gallant, The Guardian
  • “More rollicking fun and good-time charm from Gordie and the boys, with a stronger focus on the whole band, not just the crazy-legged fiddler.  There’s a surprising number of vocal tracks including originals plus some killer covers too. But that just points out that this P.E.I. bunch are a different take on the normal Maritime fiddle-led group.”

    Bob Mersereau, CBC New Brunswick
  • “If you have ever seen Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys performance live, then you’re well aware that the show entails as much acrobatics as it does music. From beginning to end, Gordie does not stop moving – no wonder the nickname “Crazylegs” has followed him around the world.”

    Q Magazine
  • “It’s amazing Gordie MacKeeman & His Rhythm Boys were able to stop moving long enough to stand still in a studio and record a new album, but fans of lively Maritime folk will be glad they did. Recently ranked number 2 on a list of the most popular acts at European folk fests in 2015 by U.K. site Spiral Earth, MacKeeman & co. show why on Laugh, Dance & Sing as the high-stepping fiddler and singer puts the lads through their paces. Produced by Dale Murray at his Port Howe studio, the record runs from old-time fiddle tunes and burning bluegrass to a touch of surf rock and even a Tom Petty cover, with an energetic sense of fun throughout to generate some extra heat during the coming winter.”

    Chronicle Herald
  • “If there is ever a sequel to the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”, I hope Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys record the soundtrack.”






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